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LinkedIn Ads Strategy for the B2B CMO

LinkedIn Ads Strategy for the B2B CMO

As we step into the new year, it’s time for B2B marketing leaders and CMOs to rethink their digital strategies. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal? LinkedIn Ads. Known for their effectiveness, particularly in the B2B space, these ads come with their own set of challenges to navigate: high costs and steep learning curves. 

At INBOUND 2023, LinkedIn ads experts AJ Wilcox (CEO, B2Linked) and Parker Williams (Head LinkedIn Ads Consultant, B2Linked) unpacked their top strategies and tips for ensuring your budget is spent wisely. 


Although many rely on LinkedIn as a community-building or networking channel, the site operates as so much more for B2B marketers. With impressive targeting capabilities at scale, it has the power to hone in on decision-makers and influencers your business needs to reach. And, it offers up-to-date data so you can effectively craft a message to resonate specifically to CEOs in the tech industry, HR managers in finance, or marketing directors in the non-profit sector. 

Tap into LinkedIn’s native targeting tools to ensure that your ads are being seen by the right people in order to reach the highest-quality leads.


Choosing the right ad format is crucial. From Single Image ads to engaging Video ads, concise Text ads or interactive Conversation ads, each serves its own purpose. For example, Single Image ads are the most versatile format and a good option as a go-to for strong presence in the News Feed. On the other hand Thought Leader ads are a great medium for boosting individual posts, especially messages from founders and CEOs — and compared to company posts, are much lower in cost. 

[slide graphic courtesy of AJ Wilcox's presentation]

Aligning your campaign goal with the appropriate ad format is an important part of setting your LinkedIn ads up for success. 



After you’ve selected which format(s) are best for the campaign you’re developing, it’s time to craft the content. For a successful LinkedIn ad, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Your copy should tell a story that pulls your audience in. Instead of focusing on what your company does and how it does it, make sure to always add in the WHY behind it all.

As Wilcox and Parker share, “people care when they know the ‘why.’’



Use the Why-How-What template to help lead your audience through a Know, Like, and Trust framework. By introducing the ‘why’ behind your message, you’ll build stronger bonds with your audience and get them to know you. From there, guide them on the ‘how’ so that they develop a likeness for your brand. And finally, when they trust your brand, share the ‘what’ of your business.

[slide graphic courtesy of AJ Wilcox's presentation]


What types of content should you use for each stage?

  • Why/Know: Incorporate videos from a founder, CEO, or someone who is a representative on behalf of your company. The messaging should be inspirational and under 60 seconds.
  • How/Like: Demonstrate how your company uniquely tackles your audience's challenges compared to your competitors. Use un-gated resources including blog posts, guides, and other subscribable content (podcasts, newsletters, etc).
  • What/Trust: Showcase your value proposition and provide social proof to help reinforce your messaging.


Develop tailored content for each stage of your audience's journey, guiding them towards conversion.



Wilcox and Parker wrapped up their session with tips on how to enhance account management: 

  • Don’t fall into the common trap of targeting too broadly or too narrowly.
  • Follow a conversion formula that looks at the difference between the perceived value of your offer and the perceived effort required to take the conversion action. Are there too many form fields? What type of information are you asking for? How much time does it take to complete the action? All of these factors play into your conversion success.
  • Keep your ad copy short and sweet.
  • Use imagery that will direct attention to the ad’s copy.

Incorporate these insights to refine your approach and optimize your account.


LinkedIn Ads offer immense potential for B2B marketing leaders — start the year strong with strategic advertising on one of the most popular platforms. By understanding the channel, determining the right ad formats, and building your content in a way that leads your audience through the Know, Like, Trust template, you can turn LinkedIn into a powerful advertising tool. 

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