6 Ways to Get Your Boss to Pay for INBOUND

6 Ways to Get Your Boss to Pay for INBOUND

So you wanna attend INBOUND 2023. That makes two of us! After all, INBOUND is the landmark destination where leaders—like you—converge to forge the conscience behind the work we build. 

Many companies send their teams to INBOUND every year to up-skill and learn about the latest trends. Still, it can be challenging to get your boss to buy tickets if they don’t know what the event is all about.

If you’re having trouble securing tickets to INBOUND 2023, here’s how you can convince your manager it’s a worthwhile investment for the company. Peep the end of this article for a free template PDF you can use for the ask! 

1. Highlight the state-of-the-art education, workshops, and training

Led by professors, futurists, C-level executives and more, INBOUND features the most innovative ideas out there on topics like sales, marketing, services, and digital transformation. You’ll even hear from thought leaders from around the world, so you can stay knowledgeable about the latest industry trends evolving globally. It’s like you’re attending a high-octane b-school, swapping textbooks for real work experiences and case studies. 

INBOUND also provides learning opportunities that can enrich your team members with new skills. Through interactive workshops, you’ll learn how the most successful businesses operate, solve problems, and prepare for the future.

Once you return to work after INBOUND, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, incorporating those skills into day-to-day operations.

Reach out to your co-workers to get their thoughts on attending INBOUND 2023. Even if they've never heard of the event, they may be just as excited as you are about attending once they learn about the opportunities it provides.

2. Pitch INBOUND as a team offsite 

Who says you need to attend solo? Invite your whole team and turn it into a little company offsite. Whether your team works remotely, hybrid, or in the office, team-bonding is always healthy—and couldn’t we all use more of that these days? 

Plus, it won't be your typical team offsite. No trust exercises or awkward moments here—just collective learning, authentic community-building, and memorable experiences engineered by an award-winning events team. 

Added perk? Your team returns to the office ready to rev up your company engine. Now that’s what we call a win-win. 

3. Focus on INBOUND’s unparalleled networking programming 

You heard that right: networking programming. Not just one or the other—because we know true networking isn’t just forcing a bunch of people into a room and expecting magic to happen. INBOUND deliberately designs and engineers experiences to propel creative conversations, elevate innovation, and create lasting connections. 

Your future business partners, vendors, clients, and customers are waiting for you at INBOUND. 

4. Use Personal Examples

If you’ve been to a similar event in the past and found it beneficial, share your experience with your boss. Describe how the event helped you grow professionally and how it impacted your work.

Don't hesitate to be specific. Identify skills and capabilities your boss values most in you, then demonstrate how your attendance helped you hone and perfect those skills.

Finally, demonstrate how attending INBOUND can help you grow as a professional and expand your network. Once you return, you’ll be able to tap into that network for new ideas and opportunities.

5. Connect the dots between INBOUND’s programming and your company’s goals 

Attending a business event isn’t just an important experience for the individual employee; it’s also a smart investment for the company. It may even be just the experience the company needs to reach its next milestone.

When you make your case to the boss, be sure to mention how the event relates and even accomplishes specific organizational goals. Go back to your most recent strategy session and see where your team’s latest objectives line up with events and speakers at INBOUND.

For example, if the company is looking to transform its internal processes, explain how attendance will provide employees with the tools they need to work together more effectively. If your company is struggling to find or implement new technology, identify some of the solution providers you'll be able to interact with at the event.

6. Ask for Formal Approval

If you have a close relationship with your boss, you may be able to make your case organically over Zoom or even in person. But if you aren't close with them, try asking for formal approval through an email. The INBOUND editorial team has an email draft you can use our Convince Your Boss letter—feel free to customize as you need. 

If you’d rather draft your own bespoke request, we recommend keeping it as brief as possible. Our advice? Be sure to include the following information:

  • A description of the event
  • The advantages for employees and the company
  • How the event links to specific business objectives
  • Personal experiences with the event or similar events
  • A link to the event website
  • The dates of the event
  • A summary of associated costs for attending the event

Your boss may not be prepared to act on your request immediately, and they may need to get approval from other decision-makers. Send your request early so your boss has time to consider the proposal.

Whether we see you IRL or URL, we’re rooting for you in your journey to #GrowBetter with #INBOUND23, hosted with love by HubSpot.


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