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A Guide to Crafting Winning Customer Success Strategies

A Guide to Crafting Winning Customer Success Strategies

By Brooke Sellas, CEO B Squared Media

This blog post is part of the INBOUND Speaker Insights series: where industry leaders share their expertise, actionable tips, and innovative strategies for success in sales, marketing, leadership, and more. 

Can I admit something? The advent of ALL the options and choices give me anxiety. They’re endless! 

Consumer anxiety is a real thing. And if you can solve this little thing, it’s a game-changer for businesses.

Customer success isn't about attracting customers anymore, but keeping them happy, engaged, and coming back for more. 

Today’s customer success involves reducing anxiety. Here, “CX” is not just a buzzword, but a pivotal strategy that can make or break your relationship with your customers.


Customer success is about understanding and anticipating the needs and desires of those who use your services or products. 

Sure, it’s a proactive approach. But it’s also therapy; focusing not just on solving problems as they arise, but on creating and nurturing a positive, ongoing relationship. 

Today, where options abound, customers expect more than just a product; they want a journey, an experience, a feeling of being valued and understood. 


The only way you get a diagnosis in therapy is through conversation. Two-way conversation leads to awareness. Which leads to knowledge.

And knowledge is power – especially when it comes to customer success. Therefore, as a customer therapist you must start the conversation with your customers to get them talking.

Start by asking the right questions: 

  • What delights you?
  • What frustrates you?
  • What gives you anxiety about [our product/service]?
  • What was the hardest part about [XYZ as it pertains to your product/service]

Use surveys, social media listening, and direct feedback to get these answers. And for those of you saying B2B brands can’t do this … HubSpot is a perfect example of how to use social media polls to collect voice of customer data and product feedback.

But they don’t just collect data; they analyze it to uncover trends and patterns. So should you.

This insight is your secret weapon in tailoring experiences that resonate on a personal level.


Personalization: This isn't about just using a customer's name in an email. It's about crafting experiences and solutions that feel tailor-made. Segment your customers and create targeted messages that speak directly to their specific needs and interests.

Proactive Engagement: Be the friend who checks in, not the one who only calls when they need something. Monitor customer usage patterns and reach out with helpful tips or check in after a purchase to offer support.

Continuous Education and Support: Empower your customers. Provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to get the most out of what you offer. Whether it’s a how-to guide, a webinar, or a support team, make sure your customers feel supported at every step.

Building a Community: Create a sense of belonging. Whether it's through an online forum, social media groups, or customer events, fostering a community around your brand can turn customers into advocates.


At the end of the day, customer success is about showing your customers that you value not just their business, but their happiness and satisfaction. Be a customer therapist in world full of salespeople. 

Yes, it's a long-term commitment. But it’s one that can transform one-time buyers into lifelong fans. 

So, take these strategies, mold them to fit your unique brand, and start showing your customers some love. Trust me, they'll love you right back.

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Brooke Sellas

Brooke Sellas

CEO, B Squared Media

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