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We Tested Ads Grader to Help Optimize INBOUND23 Ad Campaigns, Here’s What Happened.

We Tested Ads Grader to Help Optimize INBOUND23 Ad Campaigns, Here’s What Happened.

Managing a digital ad campaign can be a lot like solving a puzzle without having all of the pieces in front of you. You’re given a lot of metrics, but making sense of them is another story. It's a common challenge, and one that leads to inefficient ad spend.

Enter: Ads Grader. The powerful and free tool from NP Digital analyzes Google Ads accounts to identify areas of improvement and provides actionable steps for optimization. It acts like that missing puzzle piece, taking the guesswork out of the equation and providing a clearer picture of your campaigns. Whether it's uncovering relevant long-tail keywords or analyzing mobile performance, Ads Grader provides the insights needed for a more effective and efficient campaign.

[image via Ads Grader]

Our marketing team tested out Ads Grader in July 2023 to promote INBOUND and here are some of the key results from our Google Ad campaign:

  • 📉 Reduced impression share loss by almost 40%: Through strategic analysis using Ads Grader, we pinpointed and addressed areas where our ads were losing impression share. This resulted in significant improvement in performance and a 5% increase in our overall ad grade.
  • 💸 Enhanced cost efficiency and optimized spend: By implementing the actionable recommendations provided by Ads Grader, we unlocked greater efficiency in our ad spend and reduced the cost per click.
  • 🔍 Increased visibility without increasing the budget: We were able to improve our ad performance with a 119% increase in CTR and boost visibility without needing to expand our advertising budget.


Ads Grader provided a holistic evaluation and allowed us to deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of our campaign. From ad relevance analysis to reports on Google Ads’ best practices, it doesn’t just identify the issues, it offers actionable recommendations to address them. 

Want an eagle eye view into your ad campaigns and tactical steps on how to efficiently manage them? Check out Ads Grader and get a free analysis today. You can learn more here.



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