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Preparing for the AI Boom: The Perspective of a Futurist

Preparing for the AI Boom: The Perspective of a Futurist
We get to choose what sort of impact we make. And I think then people feel much more inspired because it's up to them.

There’s no doubt that AI is changing the game in every industry. The evolving landscape of the emerging technology and its impact on our world is still being uncovered and explored as more individuals and companies move to adopt it into their work. 

Dubbed "the A.I. educator for the non-nerds" by Vogue, Sinead Bovell (Founder, WAYE) shared her straightforward take on AI and technology from the INBOUND 2023 Main Stage. Read on for her insights on AI’s transformative role in the future.


Drawing parallels between the budding days of the early internet to the current trajectory of AI, Bovell suggests we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to AI’s vast potential. Industries will be revolutionized and in order to stay ahead, individuals and companies need to develop a thesis about AI within their roles. When it comes to AI, Bovell notes there is so much more to follow. “We really have no idea all of the industries that are about to be invented,” she underscored. 

As an example, she mentioned smartphones. At the time, no one could have imagined all of the industries, applications, and inventions that would come from smart machines — things like dating apps, the creator economy, and other changes that stemmed from smartphones

Think through a thesis about the future role of AI in your industry and stay ahead of the curve by actively researching and keeping up with AI developments and trends.


Technology and artistic scenarios have long shared a synergistic connection. New technology building off of the camera gave way to movie theaters and record players gave way to music streaming platforms.

Imagine the camera has been invented but movies haven't. That's kind of where we are right now with artificial intelligence and creativity.

Artists and creators are still tapping into the potential of where AI can take their craft. AI is more than a tool for efficiency — it can also be a catalyst for creative problem-solving and strategic decision-making. 

“We have this AI, but we haven't yet invented the things that are going to exist on top of it,” she added. “We're just scratching the surface in creativity.” 

Explore how AI can enhance your creative processes, experiment with different AI tools to push the boundaries of creativity.


AI opens up new possibilities for what can be considered data, including sound and audio clips. It enables conversations with data, allowing for deeper insights. “...with AI companies can really tap in and have conversations with their data. And I think that that's going to be a game changer,” Bovell noted. 

Look to AI as a tool and opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your data. Go beyond traditional data sources and consider the broader range of information that can be collected and analyzed and tap into AI to uncover valuable insights.

Some companies are shifting their focus to identify what roles can be replaced or processes automated by AI. To Bovell, that approach is limiting. “They're thinking, what can I automate? What can I streamline? And that's kind of the historical way to view AI.”

Instead, they should strategically think about how AI can add value and solve complex problems in the long term.

We now have these systems. If you have a problem, you can point artificial intelligence at it to help you solve it.

Shift the perspective from short-term automation to long-term value creation. Instead of focusing solely on streamlining or automating existing processes, think strategically about how AI can solve future problems and drive innovation.


AI has the potential to supercharge employees and create powerful teams. However, companies and leaders using AI have a responsibility to consider the ethical implications — like, biases in data sets, data acquisition, and customer perceptions. It’s important to have and encourage discussions about AI values and ethics with teams and employees. 

From personal AI chatbots to digital twins that can assist in individual chats, AI can empower teams to work faster with access to comprehensive support. There will be a wave of co-creation between AI and employees that will be an exciting shift, Bovell notes.

We're going to see the rise of super powerful teams, with AI.

From hyper personalization in campaigns to instantaneous A/B testing the marketing possibilities are vast.

Work dynamics will be transformed by AI and teams need to prepare for a work environment where AI will become integral to productivity. For companies, that means developing a long-term AI strategy, making sure teams are up-skilling in AI-related fields in order to stay relevant and competitive. 


Bovell’s insights and perspectives on AI provide a roadmap for companies and individuals preparing for the AI boom. Adopting AI with an informed and strategic approach is key to leveraging the benefits while minimizing its hurdles. As we continue to shape and be shaped by AI it's important to engage with this technology in a way that enhances progress for all. 

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