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Having No Agenda Can Transform Your Business

Having No Agenda Can Transform Your Business

By Jay Schwedelson, CEO and founder, Outcome Media/ Events

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In a world driven by automation and scalability, there's an overlooked gem that still holds tremendous power in business: the personal touch. While it may seem counterintuitive in an age of algorithms and mass marketing, the act of hand-holding key customers can be a game-changer for building lasting relationships and fostering loyalty.

Imagine this: instead of relying solely on automated systems and generic email sends, you take the time to reach out to your customers individually. You send them personalized emails, not with the intention of selling them something, but simply to check in, offer support, or share valuable content that aligns with their interests and needs.


This is the essence of doing the unscalable — investing time and effort into each customer to make them feel valued and appreciated. It's about going beyond transactional relationships and nurturing genuine connections. This is obviously not possible to do with all your customers. So take 20 customers every 90 days and give them this special attention. It will transform your relationships with them and dramatically increase the potential opportunities with those customers.

So, why does this approach matter?

Because in a world saturated with impersonal interactions, authenticity stands out.

When you take the time to hand-hold your customers, you show them that they're not just another number in your database; they're individuals whose satisfaction and well-being matter to you.

Hand-holding doesn't stop at personalized emails. It extends to providing tailored content and resources that address your customers' pain points and interests. Whether it's sending them insightful articles, helpful guides, or industry updates, the goal is to add value to their lives without expecting anything in return.


By adopting this approach, you position yourself as more than just a vendor — you become a trusted advisor and partner. Your customers start to see you as someone they can rely on, not only for your products or services but also for your expertise and support.

But perhaps the most significant impact of hand-holding is the sense of exclusivity and access it provides. When you personally engage with your customers, you break down barriers and create a direct line of communication. They feel like they have a VIP pass to reach out to you whenever they need assistance or advice.

This level of accessibility can be a powerful differentiator in a competitive market.

While other companies may prioritize scale and efficiency, you prioritize relationships and human connection. And in an era where trust and loyalty are at a premium, this can be the key to standing out and retaining customers in the long run.

Of course, hand-holding requires time and effort, and it may not yield immediate results in terms of sales or revenue. But the investment pays off in the form of loyal customers who not only keep coming back but also become advocates for your brand.

So, the next time you're tempted to rely solely on automated systems and impersonal communication, consider the power of hand-holding. Embrace the unscalable, and watch as your relationships with your customers flourish, driving mutual growth and success.

Jay Schwedelson

Jay Schwedelson

CEO and founder, Outcome Media/ Events

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