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  • Endless

  • Human

  • Uproarious

What is INBOUND?

INBOUND is an event that celebrates the human, helpful side of business.

INBOUND 2020 is more than just four days of learning and inspiration. It’s a place where you can step back from your day-to-day, and think about big ideas, not if you remembered to email Karen back. Finally, you’ll have the mental space to look at your opportunities and challenges in new ways and from new perspectives. If you think you have your best ideas in the shower, you haven’t been to INBOUND yet.

INBOUND is more than just 26,000+ people too. It’s people who spend every day grappling with the same tough problems that you do, who get just as excited as you do about an awesome pivot table, and who have the same challenges as you. At INBOUND, you’ll find proof that you’re not alone—in fact, there’s a few thousand awesome people in the same exact boat. Make sure you stay in touch.

Convince Your Boss

Tips and templates to get your trip approved

Play to Your Boss's Interests

Has your boss been really into using live video in marketing or expanding into the enterprise space recently? Highlight to them how INBOUND will help with those goals. After all, there will be 250+ educational sessions about all the latest in marketing, sales, and customer success, so the possibilities are endless.

Proactively Plan Deadlines

When you talk to your boss, come prepared with a plan for how your projects, responsibilities, or quotas will be managed for the days that you're away at INBOUND. There's still plenty of time to plan deadlines around the event.

Reframe "It's Too Much Time"

Attending an event like INBOUND puts you into a different headspace and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Think of it like a four day-long shower (except without the pruney skin)– you'll have some of your best ideas when you stop obsessing over the problems at hand.

Show Why Networking Matters

Making organic connections with your industry peers at INBOUND is not only great for personal brand building, it is also a great way to forge new partnerships, recruit future employees, and elevate the presence of your company. With 26,000+ fellow attendees, so the possibilities are endless.