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Storytelling in Action

"It felt like when you watched a film, you were in the cathedral of the cinema."
-Brit Marling

The INBOUND Studio is talking to storytellers about how to create an authentic and meaningful story. Check out interviews with Brit Marling, Jeff Rosenblum and more!

Storytelling in Action

Series Playlist

Tommy and Codie Thumbnail1

Tommy & Codie Oliver: The INBOUND Studio Full Interview

Tommy & Codie Oliver

Thumbnail Brit

Brit Marling on How Storytelling Changed Her Life

Brit Marling

Thumbnail Brit1

Brit Marling on Upending Expectations

Brit Marling

Thumbnail Dessa

Dessa on What Drives Her Work


Thumbnail Dessa1

Dessa on Storytelling in Music


Shredders1 Thumbnail

Shredders on Authentic Expression at The INBOUND Studio

P.O.S., Sims, Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak

shredders 1

Shredders on Collaboration

P.O.S., Sims, Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak

Thumnail Jeff Rosenblum

Jeff Rosenblum on Brand Storytelling

Jeff Rosenblum

thumbnail burton 1

Burton Glass on Established Narratives

Burton Glass

Thumbnail Rudy

Rudy Hypolite on How to Tell an Authentic Story

Rudy Hypolite

thumbnail jessica 1

Jessica Drench on Making a Difference

Jessica Drench

Open Mike Eagle thumbnail

Open Mike Eagle: The INBOUND Studio Full Interview

Open Mike Eagle

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