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"CEOs need to make hiring and retaining women an explicit priority. In addition, here is the bare minimum of what we can do at an individual and a systemic level: First of all, people, be nice to each other. Treat one another with respect and dignity, including those of the opposite sex.That should be pretty simple. Don’t enable assholes. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, or ignoring it."
- Emily Chang, "Brotopia"

The INBOUND Studio is speaking with a number of inspiring authors and writers. Check out our Book Club Series with the Bush sisters, Scott Harrison and Fran Hauser!

Book Club

Series Playlist

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Scott Harrison Full Studio Interview

Scott Harrison


Emily Chang The full INBOUND Studio Interview

Emily Chang

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Fran Hauser Full Studio Interview

Fran Hauser

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Barbara Bush & Jenna Bush Hager: The INBOUND Studio Full Interview

Barbara Bush & Jenna Bush Hager

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Issa Rae on diversity and the representation of race in media

Issa Rae

Andrew McAfee thumbnail

Andrew McAfee: The INBOUND Studio Full Interview

Andrew McAfee

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Roxane Gay Live at INBOUND 2017

Roxane Gay

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Bassem Youssef on what he's learned going beyond resilience

Bassem Youssef

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