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Full-time undergrads save hundreds on INBOUND
College is pricey, but INBOUND doesn't have to be

If you'll be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student as of August 18th, 2020, you can get an All-Access pass to INBOUND 2020 for only $299—that's a whopping $1,400 off. Unfortunately, we cannot extend this discount to part-time students, students pursuing postgraduate or professional degrees, or faculty members.

To receive your discounted pass, complete the form on this page and we'll email you requesting proof of your current student status. Once you email us back, we will email you a special link where you can register for the student rate. Please note that you will be required to present your student ID in person at INBOUND when you collect your badge.

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(Yes, these will be on the test)

How do you define a full-time student?

In general, if your institution considers you full-time, so do we. However, we also expect studying to be your primary occupation and reserve the right to make our own determinations on if this is the case.

What do you mean by undergraduate?

This one's pretty simple: if you already have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, you're not an undergraduate. That means that if you're working on your master's, MBA, PhD, MD, JD, etc. you're not eligible for our student discount.

What if I'm a student now but won't be by September?

No dice. You must be enrolled as a student by the time INBOUND rolls around. We'll ask you to provide some documentation that shows when you're done with school.

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