September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Zachary Crockett

Principal Reporter, Fellow

Zachary has been reporting on business and technology for nearly a decade.
He created The Hustle's long-form Sunday newsletter (2m+ subscribers) and serves as the anchor host on The Hustle Daily Show. He also hosts and produces The Economics of Everyday Things, a podcast with Freakonomics Radio.
Prior to joining The Hustle, he was a staff reporter at Priceonomics and Vox, where he covered the 2016 election and was cited by The White House. In the course of his work, he has published two best-selling economics books and optioned five stories for film and television.


Build Your Curiosity
Podcast Stage

The Hustle Daily Show Live

Join hosts of The Hustle Daily Show, Rob, Zack, Jacob, and Juliet, as they present a live version of the show, which comes out weekday mornings in conjunction with the The Hustle daily newsletter. The four main podcast hosts will kick-off the session with a conversational read-through of the daily news and takeaways on current events. This show is part of the growing HubSpot Podcast Network.

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