September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Vrnda Boykin

Sr. Program Manager, GTM Global Skills

Vrnda "V" Boykin is known for her commitment to equity and innovation. Viewing education as the most effective tool in achieving equity, V went back to school and obtained her BS, MS, and MBA. V utilizes her skills and knowledge to disrupt and redefine enablement programs resulting in increased performance and revenue within the Mar-Tech space. Currently, V is working on her Doctor of Business Administration. V's dissertation is focused on understanding the social support structures necessary for women to obtain and sustain leadership roles in tech.


Build Your Workplace
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Building an Environment of Belonging

It’s highly likely your company has D&I as one of its core values, and so do you. If you’d ask all your employees if they feel they belong, do you know what the answer would be? Belonging is increasingly the most important part of DEIB and in this session your facilitators; one a successful trainer and member of the LGBTQ+ community, one BIPOC PhD candidate and one a global VP with a physical disability, will give you practical tools based on real life case studies, that show how small actions increase a sense of belonging and in return increase productivity and reduce attrition. 

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Meetup: Women in Tech: Obtaining & Retaining a Leadership Position

There is scientific evidence to support that the key to obtaining and sustaining a leadership position is a social support network. Specifically, learn what and how to use available data to set up the right circumstances and scenarios to obtain and remain in leadership positions within the tech space. This Meetup should attract women who are looking to obtain leadership positions as well as women who want to remain successful in their current leadership roles.

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