September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Ted Franz

Director, Product Strategy

Ted is a Software and Telecommunications product and business development professional with a potent combination of skills including product strategy, go to market, and top-line growth. His +30 years of experience brings a unique perspective to his customers and partners having worked across the globe for software companies, service providers, hardware vendors, and channel partners.


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Conversational Marketing: Is This the End of Mobile Apps?

Interaction between brands and their customers is shifting from company-centric tools like websites and applications to customer-centric channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger. More and more companies are shifting use cases to the channels their customers use, not where it makes sense for them. We saw brands like Bolt switching their customer communication to WhatsApp, resulting in 40% higher conversion rates. Similarly, luxury retail brands including Dior have started using the channel to send Influencer content to customers that could increase sales - Is this the start of an end of apps? 

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