September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Stormy Simon

Mother Ruggers
Co-Founder, CEO

Stormy Simon is an e-commerce pioneer, entrepreneur, corporate renegade, public speaker, and cannabis activist.

A celebrated business leader, Stormy recently launched Mother Ruggers, a brand-new venture in the textile industry, debuting a line of rugs and home furnishings with partner Ayse Yildrim, a fine art design and textile expert from Turkey.  

Prior to launching her textile business, Simon Stormy spent 15 years of her career at the e-commerce retailer, beginning her tenure as a temp and eventually rising to President of the nearly $2B company in 2013.  


Build Your Business
Podcast Stage

Success Story: From 0-100m - Tactics From Entrepreneurs

Join host of Success Story, Scott D. Clary, and tenured entrepreneurs on how to grow a business from scratch to over 100m. They will debate strategies, tactics, hiring, sales, marketing, and raising money from big names, who've done it before. This show is part of the growing HubSpot Podcast Network.

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