September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Steve Cornwell

Founder, CEO

Steve Cornwell is the Founder & CEO of Northpass, a leading Customer Learning platform. He is an experienced SaaS leader with more than 19 years of experience building and scaling software companies — from the ground up — by helping brands like Compass, Shopify, Talkspace, Uber and others transform their learning and analytics programs into world-class centers of excellence.  Prior to founding Northpass, Steve served on the executive team at Edifice, where he helped grow the business from bootstrapping to over 100 employees, which led the company to an acquisition by SPS Commerce in 2012.


Why an Online Academy Is Fundamental To Grow Your Business at Any Size

Providing an online academy for your customers and prospects to learn about industry best practices, earn a certification, and discover the ins and outs of a product can deliver outsized returns. But, how, exactly? Find out as Crayon discusses the launch and maturation of its Competitive Advantage Academy (CAA), which is powered by Northpass, and connected to its demand generation engine with the Northpass for HubSpot integration. The goal of this session: to inform attendees how online academies can power your next wave of growth and show them how they can get started. Today.

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Amanda Whyte
Director of Customer Experience Management

Amanda Whyte started her career in Chicago before moving to Ireland as a Marketing Manager for a start-up. In 2012, she joined HubSpot as one of the founding members of the Dublin office and has been with the company for nine years in a variety of roles. In 2018, she took on the job of running HubSpot's global Voice of the Customer program, and is now the Director of Corporate Strategy, Customer Experience Management. The CXM team's mission is to power a truly customer-first operating system by bringing customer experience to the forefront of how HubSpot makes short and long-term decisions.

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Sam Parr
The Hustle
Host of My First Million

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle & — one of America’s fastest-growing media companies with a focus on millennials, tech, and culture (acquired by HubSpot). He’s also the co-host of My First Million — a top 25 business podcast.

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Sarah Breathnach
Head of Demand Generation

Sarah Breathnach works with startups, to build a strong inbound marketing foundation for fast growth. As the Head of Demand Generation at Hunters, a cybersecurity startup headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel – Sarah is building the Demand Gen & Field Marketing function globally. Prior to Hunters, Sarah started her tech career at Localytics, a Boston, MA start-up acquired by Upland Software in 2019. From there, Sarah was hired to build out the Demand Gen team at Tamr, a data & analytics start-up HQ'd in Cambridge, MA.