September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Stephanie Schwartz

WordPress VIP
Manager, Strategy and Education

Stephanie has a varied professional background, concentrated in journalism but with stints at a library marketing their services and in healthcare public relations. She has been a local reporter (ask her to name all the towns in Bergen County, New Jersey), an audience development specialist, and most recently, a social media editor at The Atlantic before joining in 2019.
At WordPress VIP, she trains customers on how to understand their content, analyzing traffic patterns and conversions and tying it all together with their business objectives. She’s worked with many of the biggest media customers on refining their strategies and helped brands and marketers understand where to concentrate their energies.


Build Your Business
Deep Dive 5 (253)

Humanizing Content Analytics

More and more businesses are realizing the power of content marketing to drive business, but they’re still unsure how to accurately measure the results of their efforts. Blame hard-to-use analytics tools and vanity metrics that tell only part of the story. What if you could pull easily accessible, true content performance metrics from the very CMS you use to publish that content? This session looks at how the combination of analytics and WordPress VIP is helping a new generation of data-driven marketers make better decisions about what content to create and understand its business impact. 

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