September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Sacha Dekker

VP, Global GTM Enablement

After starting her career in Sales and then moving into Customer Support, Sacha knew early on her future would be in L&D. She made the transition in 2007 and has been working in various senior enablement roles since. Originally Dutch, she moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2012 where she currently works for HubSpot as Vice President Global Go To Market Enablement. Outside of her role, Sacha is an international keynote speaker on resilience and mindset, based on her experience of becoming paralyzed after a surgery gone wrong and subsequently regaining her independence and returning to work in 2015.


Build Your Workplace
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Building an Environment of Belonging

It’s highly likely your company has D&I as one of its core values, and so do you. If you’d ask all your employees if they feel they belong, do you know what the answer would be? Belonging is increasingly the most important part of DEIB and in this session your facilitators; one a successful trainer and member of the LGBTQ+ community, one BIPOC PhD candidate and one a global VP with a physical disability, will give you practical tools based on real life case studies, that show how small actions increase a sense of belonging and in return increase productivity and reduce attrition. 

Build Your CRM
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10 Lessons From Today’s RevOps & Enablement Leaders to Impact Business Growth

Growth is no longer a funnel—it’s a flywheel. Are you aware of the frictions hindering your company's flywheel from spinning efficiently? Revenue Operations is the inner ring of your flywheel, reducing friction to make sure the three big areas of your business are moving smoothly, accelerating your growth flywheel and letting nothing stand in your way. In this session, you'll learn from top leaders in RevOps as they share ten lessons learned from recurring pitfalls. Be prepared for a deep dive to shift from old world vs. new world thinking.

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