September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Sacha Dekker

VP, Global Go To Market Enablement

After starting her career in Sales and then moving into Customer Support, Sacha knew early on her future would be in L&D. She made the transition in 2007 and has been working in various senior enablement roles since. Originally Dutch, she moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2012 where she currently works for HubSpot as Vice President Global Go To Market Enablement. Outside of her role, Sacha is an international keynote speaker on resilience and mindset, based on her experience of becoming paralyzed after a surgery gone wrong and subsequently regaining her independence and returning to work, in 2015.


Finding Belonging After Returning to Work With a Disability

Inclusion and belonging are increasingly important topics in today's workplace. Many companies think that by saying they promote diversity and putting inclusion in their values, they're mostly there. So what does inclusion and belonging feel like when you used to be a healthy person who didn't care too much about any of it and then returned to work a disabled one, feeling completely left behind? Why are disabilities so often left behind, and how can small actions have a huge impact on the sense of belonging and consequently talent retention and attraction?

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Kyle Jepson bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon
Kyle Jepson
Inbound Sales Professor

Kyle teaches free online courses at HubSpot Academy. He has created certification courses on inbound sales, sales enablement, sales management, and HubSpot’s sales software. His videos in HubSpot Academy have garnered a combined two million views in the past twelve months alone, but he’s perhaps best known for his #HubSpotTipsAndTricks videos on LinkedIn. He is a husband, father, and aspiring paperback novelist.

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Ashley Faus
Director of Integrated Product Marketing

Ashley Faus is a marketer, writer, and speaker by day, and a singer, actor, and fitness fiend by night. Her work has been featured in TIME, Forbes, and The Journal of Brand Strategy, and she's shared insights with audiences at Harvard Business Review, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs. She works for Atlassian, a collaboration software maker on a mission to unleash the power of every team. Follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter, @ashleyfaus.

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Stephanie Valenti
SmartBug Media
Chief Revenue Officer

Stephanie Valenti has 15+ years of experience leading B2B sales organizations and operational departments from 50 to 500+ team members across the U.S., Australia, and Europe. She is now the Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media, 5x Inc 5000 winner and #1 HubSpot Partner of the Year leading sales, marketing, and all client services and delivery. Her focus is on creating unity between revenue teams, fluency in the customer journey, and credibility with partners. Stephanie is also the Co-Chapter Head, Pavilion DFW and facilitates classes on revenue modeling and forecasting across the Globe.