September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Rob Litterst

Sr. Writer

Rob Litterst is a writer and strategist based in Boston. His work analyzes tech businesses through pricing and packaging strategy, which has become essential in the modern subscription landscape. Currently, he runs the daily email for The Hustle. Previously, he was a Senior Strategist at ProfitWell, where he helped subscription businesses (Startups to Fortune 500) optimize their pricing and packaging strategies. On the side, he writes Good Better Best, a newsletter that unpacks pricing strategies and tactics and goes out to ~3k product leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.


Build Your Curiosity
Podcast Stage

The Hustle Daily Show Live

Join hosts of The Hustle Daily Show, Rob, Zack, Jacob, and Juliet, as they present a live version of the show, which comes out weekday mornings in conjunction with the The Hustle daily newsletter. The four main podcast hosts will kick-off the session with a conversational read-through of the daily news and takeaways on current events. This show is part of the growing HubSpot Podcast Network.

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