September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Nisha Goklaney

Product Marketing Director

Nisha is a data-driven product & marketing leader with 15+ years of experience taking products to market and driving growth. She has built marketing teams from the ground up and also led teams at Fortune 500 Companies such as HubSpot, American Express, E\*Trade Financial, Dow Jones and Intuit. 
She mostly loves building brands and experiences that customers love, and developing high performing teams that drive impact and have fun while doing so! She's enjoyed a global career and worked across the US, APAC (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China etc.) and India. 


Build Your CRM
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Designing a Personalization Strategy for Your Business

As businesses adapt to doing more with less, personalization at scale has become a necessity. Delivering true personalization can seem daunting - but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll walk you through how to build and set up a personalized marketing strategy that truly wows your customers - from customizing your website for each visitor, to setting up timely and responsive lead generation campaigns, to delivering a truly custom experience for each member of your audience.

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