September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Nadjya Ghausi

Descript, Inc.

Nadjya Ghausi is the Chief Marketing Officer of Descript, the simple, powerful, collaborative tool built for the way new media creators make video and podcasts. She enjoys building amazing marketing teams, connecting with users, and breaking the barriers that exist between ideas and expression. Nadjya is the former CMO at Prezi, and two tech companies that that exited in IPOs. At Descript she oversees multiple teams, including content marketing, growth, product marketing, community and brand.


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Branded Podcasts: Getting Real About the Challenges — And How To Make It Work

For every company with a branded podcast success story, there are those that either failed to get their podcast off the ground, or launched and then pulled the plug.  Either it was too hard, or nobody was listening, or both. In this panel, we will hear from two experts that have successfully launched branded podcasts, and what they learned along the way to make it work. We will highlight trends in branded podcasts, uncover the value, debate why this is hard to do it right, and share some insights for those considering starting a branded podcast, or for those already in flight.

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