September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Meredith Silver

Babbel for Business
Director, B2B Revenue, North America

Known for scaling mission-driven revenue teams, Meredith is passionate about connection and challenging the status quo. Earlier in her career, she focused on streamlining internal communication to foster a sense of community and cultivate mutual understanding through knowledge sharing. During her time living abroad, she saw firsthand how language could invite or deny the experience of belonging. Meredith is now the leading force behind the revenue teams within Babbel’s B2B sector in North America, where she empowers thousands of companies to break down language barriers each day.


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The Catalytic Power of Language: How Babbel Creates Community Through Language Learning

Babbel, a global leader in language learning, harnesses the power of language to ignite a culture of belonging and strengthen communities of professionals. Language has the magical ability to accelerate a conversation into a connection, a vision into a strategy, and diverse experiences into empathy. But, just as language can illuminate mutual understanding, language also has the energy to divide, exclude, and diminish. Learn how Babbel has applied these principles to grow their community of businesses leveraging language learning to build more connected teams, and how you can learn from their approach to grow a more integrated customer community in your own users.

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