September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Mandy Bowman

Official Black Wall Street
Founder, CEO

Mandy Bowman is the Founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street, the largest app and digital platform helping consumers discover, review and shop Black-owned businesses. The Brooklyn native launched the Official Black Wall Street platform in 2015 and the app in 2017. Since then, Mandy has been at the forefront of the #BuyBlack movement, helping Black businesses around the world gain the exposure and resources they deserve. She has been recognized for her work by the Brooklyn Borough President, in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Powerful Women in Business and the Forbes Magazine Next 1000.



Meetup: Chase Ink x Black@INBOUND

Welcome to Black@INBOUND a core community group for HubSpot. This meetup, hosted in partnership with Chase Ink®, will be your opportunity to grow your network, talk to a Chase representative and be inspired by leaders like Mandy Bowman, Founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street. Black@INBOUND was created for Black INBOUND attendees to connect with each other. Light fare and beverages will be served. This meetup is exclusive for Black professionals and we look forward to meeting you!

Build Your Business
Founders Stage: Powered by Chase Ink

Reinvesting in Your Business To Drive Innovation

In today’s fast-changing economic environment, businesses and brands are leveraging every competitive advantage possible to create opportunities to sustain and grow. In conversation with Jenny Shum, General Manager of Chase Ink, hear from two powerhouse founders as they share their journeys from startup to success and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. From the creative ways they’ve reinvested in their businesses to the digital marketing strategies they value most, you’ll walk away feeling inspired and empowered to fuel your brand and business. 

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