September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Madelyn Deprey

Sr. Director, Customer Success

Madelyn Deprey is a passionate and experienced Customer Success leader. She is a player-coach who empowers CSMs and Account Managers to strategically manage their books of business and drive key results. Madelyn gets excited about creating customer-centricity across the organization, proactively solving problems, and building long term relationships (internally and externally) at rapidly growing companies. Having built a CS org at an early stage startup (including support, implementation, account management and enablement), she is experienced in leading innovative teams at all stages of development. Madelyn’s unique background in non-profits, hospitality and the performing arts all contributes to her passion for Customer Success.


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The Missing Data in Your CRM: Voice

Companies that provide an emotional connection to customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85% (Forbes). Amid constantly changing societal circumstances, avoiding disruption of business communications is key for ensuring growth, customer retention and delivering customized experiences, and for engagement of internal teams, which are facing major changes. In this session, Madelyn DePrey, Senior Customer Success of NA at Aircall will illustrate the impact of integrating the Aircall voice channel with the HubSpot CRM and how this alliance is increasing the value bringing to customers, internal productivity and ultimately growth. DePrey will take a look into how the HubSpot and Aircall integration gives customers access to better data, deeper customer history and flexibility and ultimately allows customers to deliver great customer service or close sales deals all while saving time.

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