September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Louis Dumortier

Manager, Strategic Partnerships North America

As Manager of Strategic Partnerships of North America at Aircall, Louis is building and executing the go-to-market strategy with key partners as Aircall’s primary growth channel. For the last 3+ years Louis has led with the belief of “better together” to address the ever growing complexity of today’s customers' needs for scale.
With a background in Sales, he always has the end user in mind, and builds partnerships through this lens to offer the highest level of expertise when advising companies in developing their tech stack.


Build Your CRM
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Supercharge Your Service Teams With HubSpot Service Hub and Integration Partners

Connecting your tech stack is core to creating successful customer service experiences. This session will highlight five common pain points customer service teams experience, and showcase five HubSpot Integration Partners whose solutions are helping to solve those challenges. We'll hear from App Partners in the Project Management, Calling, Field Service Management, Customer Success, and Customer Portal spaces to understand how their solutions are helping Service Hub customers amplify the power of HubSpot's platform to put your customers first.

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