September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Lori Richardson

Women Sales Pros / Score More Sales
President, Founder

Research proves women outperform men in B2B sales. So where are the women, asks Lori Richardson, who wants to attract more women to sales and sales leadership. When not running her consultancy Score More Sales, Lori heads Women Sales Pros, a community showcasing top women in sales; she created The She Sells Summit, connecting a dozen women in sales groups together for bi-annual virtual events, and she hosts the award-winning Conversations with Women in Sales podcast.
A top sales thought leader and sought-after national speaker, Lori’s is a driving force behind empowering women in sales


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Supporting Employees and the World When Governments Won’t: The New Bottom Line

Modern B2B companies have to contend with new forces to attract and retain talent. Instead of building audiences, companies are building communities. Larger budgets are going to D&I efforts as governments wage a war on women to accompany the violence across Europe. Now, the market is rewarding companies that help those around them and support effective governance. The rise of this new valuation ties hand-in-hand with the communities B2B companies are creating. Let’s explore these communities, their outcomes, and those running them. They speak worlds about the future of business. 

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