September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Kudzi Chikumbu

Global Head of Creator Marketing

Kudzi Chikumbu is a media technology executive, Gen-Z expert and advocate for diversity, inclusion & representation for creators online. He has worked at the intersection of social media and content partnerships, talent management, creator community building, and communications.

Kudzi was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa which informed his strong views on race relations, diversity and emerging creatives. Kudzi began his business career as an account and management consultant in South Africa after which he enrolled at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he completed his MBA in 2016 before starting his career in the entertainment industry.

Kudzi has focused his efforts on advocating for and promoting diversity online by celebrating originality, elevating trendsetters and showcasing innovative diverse creators. This work led to Kudzi being featured in a number of prominent publications including The Hollywood Reporter - Next Gen 2019: Hollywood's 35 Rising Executives 35 and Under​, Fortune Magazine’s 4​0 Under 40 2020 List​ as well as winning ADCOLOR’s 2020 Innovator Award.

As a speaker, Kudzi focuses on inspirational career advice to motivate young professionals, social media strategy, diversity & inclusion and tactics on how to build community for individuals and brands. Kudzi spoke at Stanford about how to have an authentic and successful career in his popular talk titled “​The Moment You Decide to Commit to Your Purpose​” on the official YouTube page for the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Main Stage

What We Owe the Creators of Culture

Two tech execs explore the ways Black spaces in tech drive cultural norms, and what it takes to cultivate these communities who shape culture, full stop.

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