September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Kari Fairbanks

ARC Document Solutions
National Sales and Marketing Operations Manager

Kari Fairbanks has been ARC’s CRM manager for the past 12 years; first with SFDC and now with HubSpot. She constantly strives to find ways to simplify and automate processes to remove any barriers for the sales team, keeping their focus on ARC’s customers. Kari has worn many hats with ARC since starting in 1999; including network administrator in a division, national technology trainer, Director of Education, marketing operations and CRM administrator. She’s passionate about what she does; always striving to learn more and never passes up an opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas.


Build Your CRM
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Changing CRMs - Have No Fear!

Considering changing from one CRM to another is a daunting task. Losing the fear is often the biggest hurdle. There are so many questions to address: What platform is right for us? How do I minimize distraction to my sales team, and get the user adoption needed? Can I migrate data and workflows? Will marketing be integrated? Will revenues take a hit during transition? How long will the “build” take to rollout? ARC did just that; transitioned a global team from 10+ years in Salesforce to HubSpot.

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