September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Jehron Petty

Founder, CEO

Jehron Petty is is the Founder and CEO of ColorStack, a 501(c)3 collegiate organization for Black and Latinx Computer Science students. Jehron studied Computer Science at Cornell, graduating in 2020. While an undergraduate, he interned at Two Sigma and Google as a software engineer, and was recognized as one of the most promising CS students in the country by Neo, a community-driven VC firm founded by Ali Partovi. He turned down his full-time Google APM offer to pursue ColorStack, growing the organization to over 2,200 members, 6 full-time employees, and over $2.5 million in total funding.


Build Your CRM
HubSpot Heroes Stage

The Future of Community-led Growth Through Impact-driven Eyes

Nonprofits exist in a world that measures success by revenue and by the ways we engage our communities. Platforms that enable depth in relationships—like HubSpot—have always been critical to the growth of nonprofits. As we move to a privacy-first digital world, where we rely on first-party data to scale, nonprofits have much to offer in terms of community-led growth. Companies around the globe are leaning into the depth of their CRMs, the power of privacy, and the strength of community. When we imagine what the next five years will look like in digital, nonprofit strategies can lead the way.

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