September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Jeff Kofman

Founder, CEO

In his 30 year broadcast career, Jeff reported from more than 40 countries, covering many of the biggest stories of his generation. He won two Emmys, a duPont Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He began his career in tech after wanting to know why he was still transcribing interviews, speeches and news conferences in the 21st century the same way journalists did in the 1970s: manually. He saw the need in the marketplace and this began his journey as a Tech CEO and Founder.


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From the Frontlines of Libya to the Trenches of Tech

Trint CEO and founder Jeff Kofman talks about how his previous career as an Emmy award winning wartime reporter from places like Iraq and Libya prepared him for life as the Founder of a tech company. Jeff draws on five key lessons that he learned from the field and how they can be applied to the tech world as he has navigated this chapter of his career. Being someone with no background in business, he has had to draw on these lessons to build a company that has gone through Series A fundraising, and has over 100 employees spread over multiple countries. *Disclaimer: Please note that this session touches on themes and images related to war and conflict, which may be upsetting to some viewers.*

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