September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Jason Brown

Consulting CMO

A thought-leader, mentor and innovator in the sports and entertainment marketing space, Jason Brown currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer for NTWRK. Having recently joined NTWRK from Foot Locker, Inc, his focus is on directing and guiding all marketing efforts for the leading livestream shopping platform and upholding the Company’s mission to inspire and empower youth culture. He began his career over 15 years ago, during which he led in various roles at Fox Sports, NBC Sports and PepsiCo, where he earned the Charles ‘Professor X’ Xavier Collaboration award in 2017. Reflected through all of his work, he is passionate about serving and uplifting young people to help ensure future generations are on a path of least resistance forward.


Main Stage

Keeping Focus in the Speed of Culture

With culture, mediums, and the metaverse moving at the speed of light, how do we keep up with the trend du jour? The inaugural CMO of mobile-first video shopping platform NTWRK, Jason Brown, speaks in conversation with fashion editor and founder of Black Fashion Fair, Antoine Gregory, to share their philosophies on the evolving ways we buy and sell. Jason and Antoine also share their insights on when it’s time to pivot and try something new, versus when it’s time to double down.


Meetup: Black@INBOUND With Jason Brown From NTWRK

Welcome to Black@INBOUND a core community group for HubSpot. This meetup will be your opportunity to network, connect and be inspired by our community. Black@INBOUND was created for Black INBOUND attendees to connect with each other. This meetup is exclusive for Black professionals and we look forward to meeting you! This meetup is exclusive for Black professionals and will feature Jason Brown, CMO of NTWRK. We look forward to meeting you!

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