September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Jagadish Bandhole

Mobileforce Software
CEO, Co-Founder

Jagadish is a proven leader and successful technology entrepreneur who takes on a pragmatic, hands-on approach to building successful innovative tech. He’s raised over $40M in venture capital to successfully build multiple businesses. Prior to co-founding Mobileforce Software, he was Founder & CEO of Jareva, a pioneer in Datacenter Automation software (acquired by VERITAS Software). He holds several patents in the fields of cloud computing, datacenter automation and management software and is an active charter member at TiE, mentoring entrepreneurs on launching successful business programs.


Build Your Business
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How to Quote Fast, Close Faster with HubSpot

Pressure to close more deals, faster has become the norm for today’s modern business. But, that doesn’t come without challenges. Dynamic pricing and complex product configuration can add time and complexity to the quoting process, negatively impacting revenue. This hands-on session will cover key ways to streamline the sales quoting process and empower your team to significantly increase revenue. *Note: This is a hands-on session, so please bring a computer or tablet if possible

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