September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Hannah Shain

SmartBug Media
VP, Marketing

Hannah has led the marketing strategy and demand generation at SaaS companies during times of hyper-growth, with three successful exits and IPOs and most recently owning brand and growth for HubSpot #1 Partner Agency, SmartBug Media®. 

Hannah is a data-driven, crafty, scrappy, nerdy, ambitious perfectionist. She leads all things demand generation, brand, marketing automation and more as the VP of Marketing at SmartBug. With over 14 years of professional marketing experience, she leads all marketing initiatives that drive pipeline, increase lead velocity, and build a lovable brand.


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Talking Too Loud: How To Spend More Time With Your Audience

Consumers are constantly inundated with all sorts of information and marketing every day. How do we get audiences to spend meaningful time with brands? On this live episode of Talking Too Loud, Chris Savage and Sylvie Lubow are joined by Atlassian's CMO Robert Chatwani and SmartBug Media's VP of Marketing Hannah Shain, to explore the shift towards customer-centric brands and the strategies marketers use to turn consumers into fans.

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Connection Through Conversation: Designing Human-Centered Experiences at Scale

In the digital world impersonal interactions are commonplace, but businesses need to make human connections with their audience in order to engage, adapt, learn, and grow.  Offering exceptional online experiences is becoming table stakes, but you no longer need a massive roster of engineers and designers to create them. With easy to deploy experiences that drive deeper personal connections to your brand throughout your audience’s journey, anyone can gather better feedback, build stronger brand affinity, and accelerate business growth.

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