September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Everett Wallace

Executive, Metaverse Continuum Business Group

An early hire for Accenture’s new Metaverse Continuum Business Group, Everett has 10+ years experience in XR, Gaming, and Metaverse technologies. Accenture works with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, & the MCBG is charged with establishing and executing these clients' Metaverse strategies.
Prior to Accenture, Everett; ran S.G.A., an independent consultancy dedicated to championing XR studios and investors/buyers alike; Co-founded and operated the Western office of the software-publishing firm Oniix, bridging the divide between the West and APAC; was Director, China Publishing at Yeahmobi, a unicorn advertising firm; is President, San Francisco at the VR/AR Association.


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What's Next: Connecting the Dots in Web3

After interviewing founders in the crypto space, it’s clear that one of the biggest challenges for the future of Web3 is the education gap. The new language created for Web3 can be opaque, and as a result, exclusionary. Join this panel discussion dedicated to breaking down the fundamentals of Web3, crypto, NFTs, DAOs, the Metaverse, and all of the need-to-know terms, companies, concepts within each of those spaces.

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