September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Emily Wingrove

Aptitude 8
VP, Client Services

Emily Wingrove is a career marketer with a strong flair for Web Ops & Demand Gen. Emily is currently the VP of Services for Aptitude 8, a HubSpot Elite Partner. She’s been a marketing leader for 12+ years working heavily in B2B and SaaS. Goes crazy for corgis, being by the ocean, and building really cool web experiences with her talented team. She’s a power HubSpot user and big time HubSpot fangirl.


Build Your CRM
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Memberships, Payments, and More: CRM-Powered Web Experiences

A web experience can be SO much more than just perusing a marketing site. In today's age, and with the help of The HubSpot CRM Platform, creating seamless digital experiences is what buyers expect... and require. Buyers today expect interactivity, extreme personalization, instant gratification, and relevant + mindful journeys. Enter web experiences, powered by your CRM, which is conveniently connected to your entire funnel and all of your data. Whether you want to build a customer portal, a memberships experience, take different forms of payment online, or even have an ecommerce flow - it can all be done in ONE platform: HubSpot.

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