September 5-8, 2023

third eye

Boston, MA

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Elaine Appleton Grant

Podcast Allies, LLC
Podcast Producer

Elaine Appleton Grant is an award-winning journalist who reported and produced for three NPR affiliates (Boston, New Hampshire and Colorado). At Colorado Public Radio, she led the statewide interview show, Colorado Matters. She wrote 600 episodes of Wondery’s hit show, Business Wars Daily; the Tulsa Race Massacre series for American History Tellers, and gave a TEDx talk about the Tulsa Race Massacre that has been viewed more than 115,000 times. Her podcast production and training studio, Podcast Allies, serves nonprofit leaders who believe in the power of strategic storytelling.


Build Your Purpose
Deep Dive 4 (160)

How To Change the World One Listener at a Time

We are grappling with one seismic societal challenge after another. As leaders and employers, we're fighting climate change, seeking peace, and improving workplace DEI. But, audience attention is fleeting and real transformation elusive. One solution: high-quality podcasts, which can hold the attention of your audiences more effectively than almost any other channel. Millennials, in particular, turn to podcasts to shift their perspectives. This session will present seven ways organizations are using podcasts to transform passive observers into actors, one listener at a time—and how you can too.

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