September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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David Mattson

President, CEO

David Mattson is the President and CEO of Sandler. Under his leadership, the Sandler organization expanded to over 250 offices in 27 countries around the world. Mr. Mattson is a best-selling author, sales and management thought leader, keynote speaker and leader for sales training seminars around the world. As President and CEO of Sandler, Mr. Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s global operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy and customer satisfaction.


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Frictionless Selling at the Intersection of Technology and Sales Methodology

Organizations have historically confused sales process and sales methodology. Yet, modern sellers are getting it right, and they’re leveraging technology to do it. Applying a sales methodology to a buyer journey and using technology to personalize the approach enables sales to move through the process faster. On top of that, implementing a Flywheel model of attract, engage, and delight, enables a new level of frictionless selling that drives more sales. This 30-minute session will cover the synergies between technology and methodology and what the modern seller can do to maximize both.

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Five Keys To Preparing for the Next Wave of Sales Leaders

For the first time in history, our sales teams now consists of Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z working side by side. As the next wave of young leaders move into sales leadership roles, today’s leaders have a responsibility to help them grow and succeed. These multi-generational leadership environments call for new models across sales coaching, training, communications, sales processes, and culture. This session will walk through each and cover the five keys your organization needs to know to prepare for the evolution of sales leadership as we know it.

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