September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Chris Lavigne

Head of Production

Chris Lavigne is the Head of Production at Wistia. He has dubbed the lighting technique, “lighting on the fly” and has proven that it’s not so much about the camera as it is the concept and basic techniques. Chris thrives on using creativity to work around constraints (think video for boring industries) and showing others how to ‘get loose’. When he’s not camera-in-hand, you can find him behind the wheel of a backhoe, snuggling with his dog Lenny, or reciting lines from Jurassic Park.


Build Your Business
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How Your Business Can Use Video Across Your Customer Journey

This workshop provides an interactive framework for creating the most impactful videos and getting them in front of the right audience at the right point in the customer’s journey. There are three core marketing goals where video can make a big difference - Acquisition, Adoption, and Brand. Come away with a map of where video can fit into your existing customer journey, where to focus your creative team, and how you can scale and measure the impact of video on your business. 

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