September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Carole Mahoney

Unbound Growth

Author of the upcoming book, Buyer First: How to Sell the Way People Buy, Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor, where she coaches their Entrepreneurial MBA program. She is also the President of the AA-ISP Boston Chapter, been named by LinkedIn as a top sales influencer, and voted a top sales coach by Ambition. As the founder of Unbound Growth, she uses sales specific data on what it takes to be a great seller or leader, which enables leaders reduce the guesswork of hiring sellers and cuts the hiring time and costs in half with a 90% success rate.


Build Your Business

Attract the Best With an Optimized Sales Hiring Program

With the average success rate of a new sales hire around 50% and a ramp up time of 6-9 months, hiring sellers who are not the right fit is very expensive. For early stage startups, it can cost a round of funding. This has only gotten more difficult with the musical chairs game of employees otherwise known as the "Great Resignation." How can you optimize your sales hiring process to attract the best-fit candidates and create an experience for new employees that leads to longer retention while also reducing bias in your hiring process?

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