September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Ben Salzman

SVP, Special Projects

Ben Salzman, SVP, Special Projects for ZoomInfo (NASDAQ:ZI), is a seasoned Go-to-Market executive with over a decade of experience in advising enterprise tech companies worldwide. After a decade leading sales teams at Oracle and Google, in 2016 Ben started Dogpatch Advisors, an advisory and research firm that helped companies rethink GTM programs and help design more impactful, scalable GTM playbooks. In 2022, ZoomInfo acquired Dogpatch Advisors and Ben joined ZoomInfo with a focus on special projects and GTM strategy. 


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Modern GTM: Harnessing Data to Scale Your Playbook

Today’s rapidly evolving environment continues to challenge CMOs ability to impact their bottom lines and enable their sales organization. For many, siloed teams and bloated tech stacks stand in the way of meaningful growth. In this live session, Ben Salzman will share insights around building a growth engine into your GTM playbook, and how rethinking data sourcing improves targeting and unlock new plays.

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