September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Ashley Faus

Director of Integrated Product Marketing

Ashley Faus is a marketer, writer, and speaker by day, and a singer, actor, and fitness fiend by night. Her work has been featured in TIME, Forbes, and The Journal of Brand Strategy, and she's shared insights with audiences at Harvard Business Review, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs. She works for Atlassian, a collaboration software maker on a mission to unleash the power of every team. Follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter, @ashleyfaus.


From 0 to 1: How Atlassian Built an Associate Product Marketing Manager Program

Hiring, retaining, and growing the next generation of leaders has fundamentally changed in the last several years. How do high-growth companies address these challenges as they try to hire thousands of skilled workers? Atlassian met this challenge by building a repeatable process to bring in new talent, offer internal growth opportunities, and help high-needs teams by launching an Associate Product Marketing Manager program. In this session, we'll explore the process to build a successful APMM program, with deep dives into the recruiting, onboarding, and mentorship needed to achieve success.

Building an Organization To Fuel the Flywheel

How do you build and maintain a flywheel that reaches hundreds of thousands of customers, with over a decade of explosive year-over-year growth? Atlassian marketing leaders answer this question in this fireside chat where we share about the unique structure of our marketing organization, initiatives to hire and grow talent at scale, and the mindset and structural shifts required to truly fuel the flywheel.

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Sangram Vajre bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon bg icon
Sangram Vajre
GTM Partners
Partner, GTM Partners

Sangram is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of his newest book on how successful companies go-to-market called, MOVE, host of the top 50 business podcast called MOVE with 1000+ episodes, a sucker for hugs and loves teaching the business of marketing, leadership, and life.

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Sam Parr
The Hustle
Host of My First Million

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle & — one of America’s fastest-growing media companies with a focus on millennials, tech, and culture (acquired by HubSpot). He’s also the co-host of My First Million — a top 25 business podcast.

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AJ Wilcox
LinkedIn Ads Expert, CEO

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. He's managed over $150M in spend on the platform, they're official LinkedIn partners, he's host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast, and has managed 5 of the world’s top 10 LinkedIn Ads accounts. He's a ginger & triathlete. He lives in Utah, USA, has 4 adorable kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast go-kart.