September 6-9, 2022

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Boston, MA

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Amanda C. Green

Agency and Channel Education Lead, Program Manager

Amanda Green has been working in the digital advertising space for ten years, and seven of them at LinkedIn. Her experience spans across advertising operations, account and relationship management, as well as marketing education. She works on the Agency and Education Team an Education Lead and Program Manager. She's got a huge passion for people and sharing knowledge with marketers to help them drive success. 


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Prominence vs Presence: How to Standout Amongst the Crowd on LinkedIn

Tapping into creativity will help your brand standout on LinkedIn. This session has been designed to help business creators grow their presence through impactful and differentiated content. LinkedIn provides this kind of in-depth consultations for brands spanning from Fortune 100s to start-ups looking to get up and running, and this year we’re bringing this expertise to Inbound.    You’ll leave this session with best practices for creative on LinkedIn, how to maximize different content types on LinkedIn, such as sponsored content, or newsletters, and create a 30-day content plan for LinkedIn.

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