September 5-8, 2023

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Boston, MA

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Ali Haeri

VP, Marketing

Ali leads all marketing and communications efforts at MNTN. Ali is also an instructor at UCLA Extension, teaching marketing and advertising courses in the Business & Management certification program. Previously, Ali served as principal product designer at Symantec working on the Norton Security line of consumer software. Prior to Symantec, Ali oversaw digital marketing for the Digital Media Services division of Verizon.


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What's Next: What Ryan Reynolds Taught Us About Advertising

Ryan Reynolds, MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer, is more than just a red carpet regular–he understands how effective a message can be when it’s paired with the right delivery. The same can be said for Connected TV advertising—with advancements in targeting and measurement, Connected TV has transformed TV advertising into a performance channel (yes, even for B2B customers).  B2B brands can take a page out of Ryan’s book, using CTV to deliver a fun and informative message to their target audience. Join Ali Haeri, MNTN’s Vice President of Marketing, as he discusses TV’s glow-up, how his team uses CTV to advertise, and why you don’t need an A-lister to find success in CTV advertising.

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