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We're committed to making INBOUND welcoming for everyone
Code of Conduct

We believe there’s immense value in being exposed to new viewpoints—including ones that challenge your own way of looking at the world. INBOUND is a place for thought-provoking conversations, but we can’t have those conversations unless everyone feels safe and respected.

Our Code of Conduct is here to provide a clear set of guidelines to everyone in the INBOUND community about what standards we hold you—and ourselves—to. We’re committed to being a safe and inclusive space for all our attendees.


The BCEC and the rest of our campus are ADA friendly. If you have questions about accessibility or need special accommodations at INBOUND, learn more here.

Lactation Room

If you need a private place to pump, we have a lactation room set up in the BCEC. More info about how to access it will be included in our onsite materials.

All-Gender Restrooms

You should feel welcome to use the restroom where you're most comfortable. In addition to shared men's and women's rooms, each set of restrooms in the BCEC also includes a single-occupancy all-gender restroom.

Quiet Room

If you'd like to take some time away from the bustle of INBOUND, we have a quiet room available, which you're also welcome to use for prayer and meditation. You'll find more details about where to find it in our onsite materials.

Special Meals

We have plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free lunch options available at food trucks and other locations. You'll be able to grab one of those meals without having to order in advance. Specific locations will be listed in your onsite materials.

If you have other restrictions or allergies, please request special meals in advance so we can be sure to have something ready for you. We can only accommodate special meal requests based on allergies and religious dietary practices.

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