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You Can't Growth Hack Your Way to Success

Kyle Lacy

You know the feeling. Inbound. Outbound. Adwords. Acquisition. Growth. Growth. Growth. Mobile. Social. Customer Success. It goes on and on and on. Many try to growth hack their way out but how about building something that lasts? What if you could achieve double-digit growth with real strategy instead of growth hacking your way to oblivion? Based on deep dives of high growth companies and his own experience at ExactTarget and OpenView, join Kyle as he walks through the eight ways to build a strong and successful marketing strategy.

About Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy is Vice President Marketing for OpenView Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Boston. His team is responsible for building content and marketing strategies for the firm and our portfolio companies. Prior to joining OpenView, Kyle led the global content marketing team for ExactTarget (acq by Salesforce for $2.7B). His team at ExactTarget and then Salesforce managed content in six countries that pushed over $15M sales pipeline per quarter. He is also the author of three books, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, Social CRM for Dummies and Branding Yourself. Before joining ExactTarget and then Salesforce, Kyle co-founded a technology consulting firm that built digital experiences for over 350 clients.

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