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Why Emotional Intelligence is the Lifeblood of Effective Leadership

Karima Mariama-Arthur

Emotional intelligence is the golden ticket for effective leadership, regardless of expertise. This highly interactive session will highlight the key components of emotional intelligence, explain it's relevance to effective leadership and provide key tips on how to improve this core competency. If you're in an executive leadership position, this is one session you simply cannot afford to miss!

About Karima Mariama-Arthur

Karima is a corporate attorney and Founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, a boutique consulting firm with exclusive expertise in professional development. She consults individuals and organizations internationally on the dynamics of leadership development, complex communication and performance management. Karima is also an avid wine connoisseur and one of an increasing number of women to join the ranks of wine professionals around the globe. Her credentials include Sommelier, Court of Master Sommelier and aAdvanced Certificate, Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

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