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What's Missing from Your Message

Tamsen Webster

You know you need a message -- your story. You know you need to tell it well, no matter the media...or meeting. You've read the books, seen the sessions, done the training. You have your solutions, you know the problems they solve, and yet still your message isn't connecting, or converting, the way it should. Why not? Because every message that works has a "Red Thread": key components that combine to create change. In this session, learn how to find your Red Thread and use it to tell your story.

About Tamsen Webster

Tamsen Webster is part idea whisperer, part change strategist, and part mapmaker for meaning. She combined 20 years in marketing with 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader into a simple structure for communicating about and creating lasting change. She's the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge and the CEO and Founder of Strategic Speaking, a presentation strategy company.

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