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What Barack Obama's Trolls Taught Me About Civility

Caleb Gardner

Frustrated by the state of our online political discourse after the 2016 election? Are you afraid to show yourself on Facebook after one too many arguments with friends and relatives? Try multiplying that by millions of people.

About Caleb Gardner

For three years, Caleb Gardner ran Barack Obama's digital program through his political advocacy group, Organizing for Action, engaging with millions of lovers (and haters) of the president on some of the biggest social platforms in existence. In this compelling Bold Talk, Caleb will talk about his experience running some of the largest political platforms in the world, lay out a path forward for getting back to civility online, and challenge the audience to believe in their own capacities for change. Caleb Gardner works at the intersection of digital transformation and social impact. For more than three years, as digital director at Organizing for Action ( Caleb was the lead strategist and editorial voice for one of the largest digital programs in existence, with a millions-strong email list and massive social media following. Now Caleb is consulting on how to build out digital marketing and social media expertise for C-Suite clients at Bain & Company. Attendees interested in engagement at scale, social impact -- or what it's like to have President Obama call you "a better Barack Obama than I am" -- will be inspired by Caleb's talk.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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