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Using Video to Scale Your Brand - Faster and Better

Allen Martinez

Investment in video advertising is growing rapidly, particularly on mobile. With more options to grab audience attention on more and more channels, brands and performance advertisers with all types of budgets are seeing the power of digital video ads.But reaching your audience is often not the problem... connecting with that audience in a meaningful way is a core challenge.A great message is what makes all this tech work.Learn how to focus your brand, develop killer creative, and how much to invest in video and for each phase of the sales funnel.

About Allen Martinez

Executive Producer, Creative Strategist and Noble Digital’s Founder Allen Martinez has been recognized with multiple awards including Clio Awards, AICP, and World’s Funniest Videos, among others through national campaigns for some of the largest brands such as: Coca-Cola, In-Bev, Subway, Nestle, AT&T, Anheuser-Busch, Quest, Hilton Hotels, Burger King, Univision, Yamaha, Miller Lite, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s, Heineken, Orbitz, Wrigley’s. He has also helped B2B and B2C funded startups like: Plated, Fundrise and Telesign. Through helping Fortune 500s, Allen implemented what he has learned by reverse-engineering these powerful tools to launch and scale funded startups as large, established corporations, to have the most relevant digital marketing systems in place. His digital advertising insights are published in Thomson Reuters 'Inside the Minds' book series targeting CMOs and he has also guest written for publications like MarketingLand.

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