Using Video to do Better Marketing with HubSpot

Kristen Craft

Want to market better & sell more? Learn how to use HubSpot's marketing automation tools and Wistia's video marketing platform together. We'll cover some basics, like how to use video to get the right content to people throughout the buyer's journey, how to create videos to connect better with prospects, and how to take action on viewer behavior by using video viewing data to trigger workflows in HubSpot.

About Kristen Craft

Kristen is a big fan of technology, education, and business. As the Director of Business Development at Wistia, she enjoys helping people use video more effectively. She loves working with Wistia's partner community, building connections with other companies that care about video marketing. Kristen holds advanced degrees in business and education from MIT and Harvard. In her spare time, she brews and drinks different varieties of beer.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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