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Unique Strengths + Challenges of a HubSpot Agency Chasing Growth

David Baker

After working with 40 HubSpot agencies, certain trends are emerging. Their unique abilities—and their challenges—are similar. That’s good, because it means that there are answers! Come and learn some transparent insight into what your peers are learning instead of inventing the flat tire all over again. HubSpot agencies have a unique perspective on growth, entrepreneurship, positivity, collaboration, and positioning. They face some similar challenges, though, around the principal’s role, achieving escape velocity, pricing for expertise rather than services, and their own mix of inbound and outbound to find the right kind of clients…not the ones who thing all this will be automatic and near instant. David C. Baker of ReCourses, Inc. has worked with 40+ HubSpot agencies. You know how to do the work, but this will help you build a better agency

About David Baker

David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor, working with independently-owned marketing firms around the world from Nashville, TN. He has worked with 800+ over the last 22 years, focusing on their own positioning and lead generation, staffing/roles, systems, and valuation/acquisition work. He has guided 60+ firms who are actively doing inbound marketing.

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